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im_just_insane's Journal

SkankFace = Megan
27 November
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I am crazy! there isnt much more to say about that!

Nightmares repeat refrain the memories of pain
In mental photographs haunting all the time so
She shuts her eyes, to you she tries to hide
From you, she falls asleep into dreams where she is safe
Bleed For You - Hidden In Plain View


join//made by lj user deadgeneration

I Will Fight

I Will Fight

Matt Good is Contagious Love
Made By: sweetchick200

patrick stumph is love

afi, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, alternative press, anberlin, armor for sleep, bleed the dream, blondie, blur, bob bryar, boys night out, brand new, bright eyes, buffy the vampire slayer, cheaply made horror movies, christian rock, dan trapp, daphne loves derby, death cab for cutie, degrassi: the next generation, derek bloom, dermike mabado, eisley, emanuel, emery, emo, fall out boy, family guy, fftl, finch, five iron freny, frank iero, frankie/mikey, from first to last, gatsby's american dream, gerard way, gerard/mikey, german speaking goats, go betty go, hardcore, hawthorne heights, he is legend, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, hopesfall, howie day, hunters revenge, indie, jack off jill, jeph howard, jeph/quinn, jon weisberg, k's choice, kelly clarkson, le tigre, letterkills, mae, matchbook romance, matt good, mest, mikey way, millencolin, motion city soundtrack, moulin rouge, my chemical romance, my chemical romance slash, norma jean, patrick/pete, pencey prep, peter wentz, photography, plain white t's, radio free roscoe, rancid, ray toro, relient k, rise against, roses are red, sappy romantic comedies, screamo, senses fail, showbread, silverstein, slc punk, sleater kinney, something corporate, sonny moore, spitalfield, sugarcult, taking back sunday, the afters, the casualties, the chariot, the cure, the early november, the honorary title, the junior varsity, the killers, the matches, the oc, the pettit project, the used, the used slash, these arms are snakes, thrice, thursday, travis richter, tsar, twizzlers, underoath, waking ashland, zao